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At the dawn of the universe, there was an alien race called the Erli, who were once part of the Great Aurora. These beings of pure light lived for generations in peace and harmony, but sadly it would not last. A cosmic event known as the “Big Bang” fractured the aurora, scattering the Erli across time and space.

The Erli became creation’s castaways driven to collect the artifacts of their home world and reconnect to the Great Aurora. But the Erli would wander for eons lost in a sea of new worlds to explore before finally finding a way to complete their quest.

Wayward wanderers no more, the Erli now bravely venture into a collapsing world of pure darkness and unknown chaos to complete the reconnect ritual called AFTERLIGHT.

If successful, the Erli will rejoin the Great Aurora they call home to live in peace and harmony once more.


The gameplay in Afterlight is simple.

Finding Runes will increase your visibility in the dark. Find five runes to maximize the light your character can shine.

Find your friends and Reconnect with them to grow the light even more.

Be sure to avoid the black holes that spawn throughout the map. Getting close to them steals your light, and if you get too close, you will be sucked in and transported to a random location on the map.

Work with your friends to collect all 42 Runes. But be aware some runes can only be collected by the player with the matching color.

Once you've collected all of the runes, find the exit portal in the center of the map. When the whole party has reached the portal, the Reconnect ritual is complete and you win!

If you run out of time, the ritual will fail and you lose.


Afterlight_V0.26.zip 100 MB


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Un buen juego para pasar el rato. Tiene musical chula y es cortito. No se hace pesado.